There’s quite the interesting race for live streaming across social platforms. meerkatperiscope-logo-1920-800x450

If you are familiar at all with the history of live streaming, you are probably familiar with the predecessors of Meerkat and Periscope, Livestream and Ustream.

I used Ustream more than ten years ago to broadcast a fire live on local TV news in Los Angeles. It was gritty and mobile connectivity speeds weren’t as fast as they are now. But the live stream did the job of relaying breaking news.

But those old apps never caught on much with the general population, and they certainly didn’t have the integration that Meerkat and Periscope have with social media, specifically Twitter.

You can find feeds through your Twitter feed. I follow lots of influencers who routinely broadcast on these formats. One is the great Guy Kawasaki. His twitter handle is @GuyKawasaki.

Guy has broadcast some of his speeches and presentations the last few weeks, and this opens the door for people who want to attend speaking engagements, but simply cannot travel the world like Guy does!

So here’s a look at the interfaces of both platforms, starting with Meerkat.




As you can see, my score is a zero, because I’ve yet to broadcast on Meerkat. What you get on the front screen is a look at all of the people broadcasting. They could be in a meeting, having coffee, or doing a walk-and-talk. I found a Meerkat session from Mashable titled “Our edtiros @AmandaWillis @StephMBuck serving up your daily news update.”


The interface is different, as you see avatars of all of the viewers fly across the top of the screen.

The chat function is very similar to Periscope. The chat session is a fixed feed on Meerkat vs. A post and vanish chat function on Periscope.

Here is look at the Periscope interface:


As you can see at the time of this screen grab, There was nobody live streaming that I follow. But I did find Martin Jones of Cox PR. I am interested in Cox PR, as I follow the PR efforts of their Automotive Group.

The quality is a little more grainy, and as you can see it’s bagel day in Atlanta for the Cox group, who had fun trying out this app before the start of their PR meeting.



It’s too early to tell which app will emerge as the preferred app for live streaming. Each app is making tweaks on the fly and responding to user comments pretty quickly.

My suggestion is to try both apps out. I don’t think you need to choose between one or the other right now. Enjoy both as a viewer and a broadcaster.

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